066 7126442

 066 7126442

Parent & Tots WaterBabies Class

Introduce your Baby to the joys of water by joining our Parent & Tots WaterBabies Class!

Parent & Tots Session every Thursday 11am – 11.30am – Cost €8 per Adult & Baby

*Note a Parent/Guardian will be required to enter into the water with the child
Class age 6months – 18months

In order to create a really successful water experience, Waterbabies partners with parents in the aquatic education of their child, creating a harmonious relationship with the water—educating the parent as well as the child. Working together means we welcome feedback about your child's experience. We go at the child's pace, applying the technique to the child, rather than the child to the technique.

Our goal is to empower parents by teaching them the skills to teach their child to swim. Parents are doing most of the handling of their child and instructors are there to "coach" parents on the techniques. Instructors and parents model what we are asking the child to do. Rather than doing it to them we are doing it with them.

For further information contact Reception or phone 066-7126442 Ext 215 or contact our Aquatics Manager.




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